OJES is truly India based Coach Design Company with an innovative skill in concept means of transportation that is designed for future urban mobility with four-wheel vehicles. We set expertise to develop custom build solutions that is perfect for customer needs.

We demand the best in,
        • Customer Satisfaction
        • Quality
        • Safety

    Ojes is one of the engineering consultants given an assortment of services in design, development & engineering services for different industries and products of bus body design, collision repair, vehicle modification, paint designing etc. we can cater to demands of various segments of industries, such as engineering, Automobile capital equipments and many more.

    We provide efficient and customer friendly designs as per the specific requirements of our clients. We assure our clients that our services will surely enhance the quality and productivity of their product(s). In the near future, we have plans to upgrade our facilities.

    We have come a long way since we began building automobile bodies thirty three years back. Our customers are the youngest and most diverse in the industry. They are a spirited group that looks for something different. Something unique. Something stands out. They find it at Ojes Automobiles definitely has momentum. And we are committed to keeping it. Customization is the key to our business. This is evident from the fact that every vehicle has its own unique characteristics. Since each customer has his own ideas and interests, the biggest challenge we take is to maintain different aspects of automobile body building.

    Safety, aerodynamics, structural strength, stability, driving comfort, economy, rigidity, visibility etc are few factors which have to be incorporated without fail with the specific needs of the customer. Among them, we think, safety comes first. It has been our motto that the prime importance in every design, whatever be the customer's requirements, is safety. Ojes does this with painstaking analysis and design innovations and that results in real engineering marvels. More than three decades of operations have given us invaluable experiences and knowledge that gives us the ability, power and technical strength to accept any challenge in manufacturing automobile bodies. Ojes says deep from its heart to its customers that they can trust it; they can trust its automobiles.

    We are the best automotive design, motorhome and coach manufacturer in India. An Agile, streamlined organization. Dedicated Employees. Our official name is Ojes Automobiles and we have a tradition of almost three decades in customized body building. Our product line includes Luxury Coaches, Motorhomes, Caravans, RVs, Ambulances, Cash Van, OB Van, Mobile Library, Mobile dental clinic, Mobile training Bus, Motor offices, special purpose service vehicles etc .A big job? You bet. And getting bigger every day. We have always been inspired to accept the challenge of making our automobiles distinct in all aspects and nothing comes out from our quality control department without passing through very strict quality checks. This could be one reason why Ojes often receives awards in excellence both in regional levels and national levels.

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